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Isha Home School

Would you like to be part of an organization driven by enthusiasm and oriented towards global harmony and individual empowerment?

Isha's various educational initiatives work towards the wholesome development of the child and the inculcation of life skills.

Isha Home School is located amidst the tranquil surroundings of the Velliangiri Mountains near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Founded in 2005 by Sadhguru, the school strives to incorporate his educational approach into its day-to-day teaching process.

The school's greatest asset is its dedicated and talented faculty, who continuously challenge themselves and the students to participate entirely in the symbiotic learning process.

Isha Home School offers a stimulating environment for the child's inner blossoming, resulting in the well-rounded development of every individual while maintaining high standards of academic excellence.

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Purpose of the Job

Take care of children's needs in the house

Job Responsibilities

1. Take care of children's hygiene which also includes lice check, nail cutting, bathing for some
2. Ensure that they get ready on time (bathing, hairwash, grooming, dressing up)
3. Take care of sick children
4. Dining setup and serving
5. Support children to keeping their things organized
6. Sweep and mop children's dorms and ensure door mats are changed frequently
7. Wash children's clothes in the washing machine and dry these
8. Accompany children to akhada

Required Competencies

Educational Qualification : Any

Skill Competencies : Work with children in the age group of 7 to 9 years

Experience : 0 ~ 3years

Gender : Female

What do we look for in our candidates?

Entrepeneural Spirit and an egoless nature.

Proven work ethic with utmost integrity and desire to excel and succeed.

Self motivated, passionate, empathetic and approachable.

You love to have fun, but you also take your responsibilities seriously.


Contact us

Phone: 94878 95874 / 94878 95876 / 94878 95877

Email: [email protected]

Isha Yoga Center
Velliangiri Foothills
Ishana Vihar Post
Coimbatore – 641 114
Tamil Nadu, India.